Amazon has expressed its own opinions on the development of New

  • Due to frequent errors in New World some time ago, Amazon has released the corresponding patch and fixes after careful inspection. In addition, they have also published a developer blog post in which they have made many features in New World. Explain and discuss. Players can see the popular retelling of this blog post in the IGGM news. For players who are currently playing New World, if they can study hard, it will be helpful for their future development and easier access to New World Coins.

    First of all, the issue of economic and gold deflation has always been a major concern for players. In short, Amazon said that the New World economy is currently performing at an acceptable level, but it does acknowledge that New World Gold produced at level 60 (the upper limit) is indeed less than the previous level. Amazon said that the recent repairs to Level IV and Level V Azoth Staffs and the reintroduction of Outpost Rush should help late game players get more New World Coins, because these were originally for gold coin grinding later in the game.

    Amazon also revealed a tremendous change by confirming that all Trading Post in the world will link, which means players can buy any product from any Trading Post. The transaction tax at the settlement office purchased by players will still apply, and expired items will be refunded to the settlement office listed. This is a big change. It should normalize prices while ensuring that they don’t need to go to a central settlement to buy things. In addition, Amazon will also increase the gold coins got from Expedition bosses, so players can get more New World Coins from their Expedition runs.

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