Amazon again shuts down the New World economy

  • Since November, there have been more and more problems in New World, which has also brought endless troubles to players and developers. Attentive players found another bug, that is, players can copy items indefinitely. And they can also sell these copied items to earn huge New World Coins. Now the number of posts on this topic on the New World official forum has been increasing.

    After Amazon Games took no action, players tried to report it through back channels before it became public. They tested the usability of the bug, and the result was that the bug is very easy to use and has almost no New World Gold. Needless to say, this triggered a reaction, with some quite intense back and forth between angry players and community representatives.

    In response to this phenomenon, Amazon can only temporarily prohibit any transfer of wealth between players, including New World Coins, rare materials and handicrafts. They promised that once the reuse is clearly investigated, they are ready to start wealth transfer again, and they will make an announcement to inform the players.

    As you might expect, players responded to this news in a very calm and rational way. Some say they will never play in the new world again, others swear they will return to World of Warcraft, generally agree that any exploiter should be permanently banned, and so on. However, to be fair, for MMO, there is nothing worse than such a thing, which may disrupt the entire resource ecosystem, so Amazon Games has no choice but to do what it does..

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