New World developers seem to prepare for a winter festival

  • Seasonal holidays in the game are great. For example, Final Fantasy XIV has Halloween and Christmas-style All Saints’ Wake and Starlight Celebration bashes. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has its Oskoreia, Ostara, Yule, and Sigrblot seasonal shindigs. Destiny 2 has events such as Festival of the Lost, and they often herald new events, items, and other good news. If there are seasonal celebrations in New World, players may get more New World Gold.

    In an interview with New World game director Scot Lane, when the developers were asked whether they would consider seasonal changes to Aeternum’s map, besides this, do the developers have any plans to prepare for certain seasonal events. He said that they think New World Gold are very important for MMO, so this is something they definitely want to do.

    But Lane claimed that he “can’t get into specifics” now, but he added they think winter is a good time for the holidays. So, this sounds like the seasonal and festive atmosphere of MMORPG’s first winter in the wild. Although the details of this trailer are not exceeded at present, the dreamland of New World Aeternum will definitely become a good place for some festival activities. Players can imagine the quaint streets of Windsward or Everfall decorated with seasonal decorations. This will be a very fascinating world.

    Therefore, although it is almost certain that something is happening now, it is worth paying attention to the New World blog and some information on some official websites to get news about the content that the developers are storing. I believe players will soon understand why winter is a good time for holidays in New World. Before that, players can buy New World Coins to get more wonderful experiences in the game.

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