PSO2 New Genesis Class Guide: Introduction To Braver

  • PSO2 New Genesis is a free MMORPG game in which players will play a new role. When we enter this game, there are 6 classes to choose from, and each class has its unique characteristics. Now we will introduce the Bravers class for everyone, which is a powerful class.

    Bravers are the powerhouses of the game, being able to use both of the game’s main physical attacks, along with having a high defense, and being able to use both of the game’s two most powerful healing abilities.

    The Braver class is a fray fighter that pays attention to making use of a large shield as a weapon. Bravers use their talents to extend their combos and also leave damage, along with improve their dodge and counter potentials. When you choose Braver as one of your courses, you'll be motivated to play in a responsive, combo-based manner that depends on specific time to achieve its purposes.

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    How to choose Braver

    Merely scalp to the Class Counter in the town hall and make use of the "choose class" option to decide on Braver as your secondary or key class. Braver is put quickly under Techter in the listing. Merely select this option, verify, and also you're done. There aren't any additional qualifications.

    Weapons used by Braver

    Katanas as well as bows are the weapons of selection for bravers. The variation in between these two weapons is fascinating: Katanas are a close-range weapon, while Bows are the video game's longest-range weapon. You may move while setting up attacks with each Katanas and also Bows, and also the Braver capacities compensate you for exact timing along with enhanced dodges and powerful counter strikes. Despite your weapon of selection, you'll require excellent time as well as placement to become an effective Braver.


    You'll alternate in between counters as well as mixtures while wielding a Katana. If you choose the correct skills, you'll be capable to chain strikes, counters, as well as photon arts virtually forever. Finding out the details of when to utilize certain photon art might be difficult in the beginning, but once you master it, Katana gameplay is very satisfying.


    Bravers utilize their Bows to remove far-off opponents while battling coming from afar. Bows are fascinating because they have an excellent array as well as strike along with an end up. You may cause extremely high damages to a solitary aim at or even rainfall arrowheads on a location through demanding till the right time, yet you run the risk of being struck while billing. Utilize your dodges to establish strong strikes, or even visit the heavens as well as demand your way down for the greatest outcomes.

    When we choose a class, we can purchase PSO2 Meseta to quickly complete the character construction. We can use Meseta to purchase the equipment and weapons we need, which not only speeds up the character building, but also makes our character stronger.