Some things players need to know about Path of Exile 2

  • In recent years, Path of Exile has been very popular among players. Therefore, the developer decided to launch Path of Exile 2 after feeling the enthusiasm of the fans. Therefore, before it is released, the following is the information players should know about it.

    If players look closely at Path of Exile 2’s game trailers and streaming media, they will see POE Currency, that is, the globe of health and mana is held by innocence and sin. It may also be just an aesthetic choice, but considering how they change UI elements to adapt to knowledge updates, Sin and Innocence may be just a part of it.

    As for who the player will control this time, it is said that this will be a new face. That's because the exile controlled by the player in the original version has almost been promoted to a god, and has become more or less powerful than the black hole simulation described above. Besides, 20 years later, the original exiles may have more urgent things to deal with, rather than starting over on the beach.

    However, this development only applies to the story and will not affect the gameplay, as players can use their old characters in the sequel. The sequel may POE Currency Buy as new exiles.

    Players may wonder how the Alliance affects Path of Exile 2. Each league has its own story and roster of characters. According to demand and reception, some of their functions seem to be integrated into the Canon storyline.