How to create your own website?

  • How to create your own website if you have no idea where to start-Why haven't you created your website yet?
    Most likely, you are frightened by a whole world of new information, in which you do not want to dive into at all. If creating a website on a free CMS is out of the question (because you do not even know what it is), you can use the website builder. This is a special service for beginners (and not only), which helps to create a working site in just a few hours, using ready-made templates. Due to advertising, many people know that it is possible, but still, endlessly postpone the creation of the site.

    How to determine what kind of site you need.
    It all depends on what you do. Websites are like commercial premises: if you take too small - it will be crowded, too big - you will pay for empty square meters. We looked at several sites created on Nethouse, and here is our advice.

    Internet store
    If you want to sell directly on the site.

    Now people on the Internet have become finicky: "No delivery "SDEK" - bye!", "You can't pay directly on the site - I'll look for it in another store. This, of course, is not bad, but the owner of the online store should try not to lose customers.

    Choosing a website builder, immediately check whether there is an opportunity for online payment, online consultation, or product placement. When you find that the chosen designer does not have important functions, you will have to transfer the ready-made website to another platform, and it takes time and money.

    If you still have no idea what should be in the online store, try to make it based on Nethouse. When creating templates here have taken into account all the latest requirements: integration with "Yandex. Market", in which many customers compare prices, the connection of payment through "Yandex. Money" and bank cards, online consultations, delivery unit, and everything you need to promote.

    By the way, if you decide to create an online store in a foreign constructor, be sure to see what services can be connected to the finished site. It may turn out that there is integration, but not with Russian services.

    For those who want to advertise their product or themselves and lead the user to a specific action.

    In the case of a landing page, the whole point of the page is for the client to click on a button with an inscription. What will be on this button, it's up to you: "Buy", "Order a call", "Register for a master class" and so on.

    We chose to use a landing page because it's easy to create, it can briefly talk about services, and encourage users to visit the studio, or call in.

    Business card
    For those who just want to tell about themselves or their company online.

    It's a "simple as can be" site that will look nice and give customers the information they want.
    If you want to create a website, then we can help you hire webflow expert