Difference Between Rotary Screen Printer and Flat Screen Printe


    Rotary Screen Printing Brief Introduction: Rotary screen printing is a continuous printing process. A perforated cylinder or spherical screen is used which is automatically fed with paste from inside by special pump. Each screen is independently driven. The transfer of printing paste through the perforations of the screen into the fabric is governed by specially designed squeeze blades. During printing, the paste is pressed through the surface via holes in order to obtain the desired design. The cylindrical screens allow more screens to be arranged per unit to achieve multi-color printing at the same time. After printing, the fabric will be transferred to the drying room and Speed range from 50-100 meters/min. The standard internal circumference of cylindrical screens is 640 mm. However, other dimensions 819mm, 914mm,1018mm, 1206mm, etc are also possible. Production efficiency of rotary screen printing is high with low printing cost. Besides, different screens are needed for varying colors.

    Flat Screen Printing Machine Brief Introduction: Flat-screen printing machines can be manual, semi-automatic or completely automatic. One type of machine, which is still commonly found in printing houses, can be described as follows. The fabric is first glued to a moving endless belt. A stationary screen at the front of the machine, is lowered onto the area that has to be printed and the printing paste is wiped with a squeegee. Afterwards the belt, with the fabric glued on it, is advanced to the pattern-repeat point and the screen is lowered again. The printed fabric moves forward step by step and passes through a dryer. The machine prints only one color at a time. When the first color is printed on the whole length of the fabric, the dried fabric is ready for the second cycle and so on until the pattern is completed.

    1. In Flat Screen Printing Technology the screen is flat and moves up and down. Beside, the Rotary screen is round in size and it rotates.

    2. In Flat screen printing the Squeeze is used. In Rotary Screen Printing, just Roller is used.

    3. Small width fabric (45-50″) is printed on Flat Screen Printing. On the other side, large width fabric is printed on Rotary screen printing.

    4. In flat screen printing pattern, there are only 6 to 8 color is available. But if you use the Rotary Screen printing, then you will be able to use 16 to 24 colors in a pattern.

    5. Flat screen printing process gives a lower production rate. And the Rotary Screen printing is comparatively faster than Flat Screen printing and production rate is 3 times higher than that.

    6. The initial investment cost for Flat screen printing machine is low, so that it’s less expensive. But, the initial cost of investment in Rotary screen printing is too high; so, it’s expensive.

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