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    December 1, 2022 1:34 PM +05
    Here's What You Need To Know About Avalanche The Architect
    If you're someone who is obsessed by pop songs and rap then this is the one perfect for you. Avalanche the architect, who is a rapper, helped bring 90s hip hop back into the mainstream. His New song Talk The Talk was released about a month ago, and has received more than 150 thousand views on it. The new track was inspired by the tale of rappers being convicted for their lyrics. Avalanche was also charged with his lyrics. Avalanche is dominating the world with his rap music. His videos get millions of views. He is a frequent tweeter on Twitter and is a recipient of thousands upon thousands of followers. Avalanche is also able to manage his online social media as well as his business. His YouTube channel is filled with his awesome rap videos. Every video he posts is watched by thousands of viewers every day. Avalanche has inspired people around the globe for his talents and passion. Have a look at this Toronto Rapper blog for more.

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    About Avalanche The Architect
    Avalanche is a phenomenal 90s-era rapper, is trying to revolutionize the music scene through his music. Born in America Avalanche has lived most of his time there and is representing his country through his songs. He is currently residing in Toronto. The ferocious and violent rapping is matched by an original rhyme structure. His vocal prowess can be balanced by the lyrics which describe the events of his life. His commitment to his craft stems from the discipline he's cultivated throughout his personal and professional MMA training/fighting. A large portion of his videos are accessible online, and he is becoming more popular every day. Avalanche, a Toronto-based musician and producer who has been working tirelessly to record and create an entire album and a mixtape. Both are scheduled to be released in the next one year.

    Toronto singer Avalanche The Architect is not a one to be averse to controversy. His new track, called "Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Shoot Shoot Kill" has just stirred up a boatload of it! This wartime anthem has more than 57 references to violence. That is more than 10 references per second! Don't get confused. Even with the lyrics that are violent the song is a masterclass on metaphors, similes, double-entendres clever wordplay and punchlines. This song would be a knockout for world-class boxers. "I am not giving you any chances in exchange for a shot" or"Rubix cube, how I’m spinning the block," This goes on for over 5 minutes. This song reminds me of the Canibus 100 bar in the late 1990s. Avalanche may be the most famous lyrics writer in the world. It is his deep, gritty voice, which sometimes overpowers his lyrical swagger that is next-level. If you're talking about lyrics that are heavy on bar I'd rank him next to Big Pun and Lloyd Banks. See this Rap on trial site for more.

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    His music is enjoyable since you know he doesn't make up stories he's not lived. As he said "There's no social gathering within the city that doesn't know me. You can ask the mob. I'm performing contract murders all by myself." I haven't met Avalanche in an Portuguese social club or cafe in College street. It is an area in Toronto Canada that is well-known for performing "Soprano" types of activities. I was awed by how effortlessly he fit in in this environment with people of color. Avalanche explained that his name comes from his instructor in martial arts. He said that when he was fighting, it was like an Avalanche and that the people in the neighborhood called him the "Architect" due to his close relationships with everyone.

    I was able to see the architect in Avalanche when I hung out with him for the entire day. I was able to see the architect aspect of Avalanche when I hung out with Avalanche at the Biker Clubhouse party. Avalanche is the architect. Do not let that stop you from praising him. See this twitter site for info.

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