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  • Muhmmaaad Tufail Khan Freedom of Expression (Article) Freedom of speech is basically the freedom under which an individual has right to express or convey his/her ideology thought or any message is basically the fundamental right of the human being as said by international law for the freedom of expression. In Pakistan the free of speech is define in constitution of Pakistan of 2973 that “everyone has right of freedom of speech but it has some restriction regarding the religion and the national interest” But practically if we see the freedom of expression in Pakistan we can’t see the implementation of the law, some where the law is applicable to a person who has no power which is include the normal public and some where the law is not applicable in front of strong group of people like the political leaders or influential people this is simply a wrong thing or trend that we see in Pakistan as compare to the countries. If there is law about the freedom of expression in the constitution of Pakistan so it is applicable to all people or every individual that is Pakistan is under this law so the law should be applicable for all of us no one is above the everyone should be treat equally under the law restriction that means that if any of one have-not follow the law so he or she should have punished equally wheatear he or she is a political leader a army officer or a normal; person from the public because it is the democracy in the country. Let’s take the examples in Pakistan where the law about the freedom of expression is not follow and the government did not take the action about those who did not follow the law. Let’s take the example of Khadim Hussain Rizvi which is a political leader Pakistan and headed a political part or you can called it as so called religious party of Pakistan named as the TLP (tehreek labbaik Pakistan) has a protest recently against the government of Pakistan in faizabad the part of Rawalpindi near to the capital of Pakistan regarding the issue of khatam e Nabowat, the main point that he mentioned during his speeches is that government should have amended the law related to khatam e Nabowat, my personal suggestion about this protest is that the protest is legal and there is problem about the protest because it is related to our religious and government ha amend the law of khatam e Nabowat. The main reason behind the amendment is that American want the religious problem in Pakistan and our foreign minister Khawaja Asif go to America and America ask him to amend the law of khatam e Nabowat and the PML N shows the loyalty with the Americans when they bring the amendment in law regarding the khatam e Nabowat and they know that after changing the law the situation is not good in Pakistan in Pakistan everyone comes out of the home and want that law should be remain same as before the amendment and ultimately we PML N has again amend the law as like the previous before so the ultimately the advantage of this is that we show practically the loyalty with the America and law should remain the same. But they don’t know the other side of the coin, I agreed they were successful to show the loyalty with Americans but they were very unsuccessful to stop the protests against this amendment. Let’s see what happened after the amendment. Once they amend the law the people react them that they should re amend the law as previous initially every person on Facebook twitter Instagram has post that they should remained the law as previous but there is no response from the government and then some of the political leader or socialist or personalities which were famous they started the campaign that should be remained as previous bit again there is no response from the authorities and then suddenly the political party named as TLP take decision to protest against the government in faizabad near the capital first they said the our protest is totally about the amendment of the law regarding khatam e Nabowat and the protest is simply peaceful but they started the violating the laws they cross the limits the language that they used is totally abuse language and nobody is there is to stop them they have in huge amount simply I feel like this protest is not about the region point of view the protest is like a politic protest they start abusing g political leaders and also the chief justice. And block all roads that link Islamabad with Rawalpindi because it faizabd id the main interchange. So my arguments are, Is this being freedom of expression? They can block the road? Is this the freedom of expression? Everyone is suffered which in Rawalpindi and Islamabad the student, children’s, the old age persons, especially women’s and every other person which has job in Rawalpindi and Islamabad? So is this being freedom of expression? TLP leader Khadim Rizvi start abuse everyone in government. is this freedom of expression? They use religion for the politics. Is this freedom of expression? So what our law and religion tell us? That you should have right of freedom of expression but have limits regarding religion and national interest which is included in our law and we talk about the religion that our Prophet (S.A.W) tell us if there is a stone or any hurdle in the road or the place where people walk or use the way you should remove the hurdle. What khadim Rizvi did in the protest that he blocked the this our religion told us? Now if I come with the government side or security side or implementation of the law about the freedom of expression what our authorities paly their role? The simply answer is that they should failed to stop TLP and has failed to implement the law and failed to punished them since TLP don’t follow the law. This is totally bad that on weak persons like bloggers which posted about the reality of army of Pakistan on social media since they have right of freedom of expression of Pakistan and the army start pick in bloggers without telling their homes and sent it them to unknown places and what they with them no one knows. religious believes we are not discussing an alternate level inside and out and that is the reason it refund with break Sachem’s into this talk should the religions be restrained should the flexibility of articulation incorporate the privilege to a similar religion or religious images or a religious identity not Muslim cut off so far as that is concerned each religion what is a worldwide this and what's the residential credit the universal advance this is a status Should truly think the law identifying with the encircling of a religion has been exceptionally all around grew so great and worldwide years that there is a worldwide traditions development that you can really distinguish in the UN General Assembly determination that there are different sorts of determination I don't have an opportunity to go to in detail of that yet somebody title particularly definition on connection addresses at that point there are specific determination of UN human rights gathering all rights. Train passing the condition of determination arrangements likewise making a lawful arrangements with deference that we ought not discretionary when will the images then human rights chamber in a current procedure called 16/18 as quicker more particular determination making a legitimate Framework this has been supported by the other way around charge installment yesterday gadget has been extremely dynamic and Pakistan festivity in Geneva Mr Sameer Akram has been perusing this procedure in which 1618 has been planned in a later occasion most recent two weeks prior I was harmed gadget Inspector general of overhead somebody extraordinary articulation and worldwide brings from everywhere throughout the Muslim people group was summoned alongside universal specialists alongside the UN human rights board president alongside a unique report and flexibility of articulation and we had the present long to sit tight for less on this issue recognizing that there are limits that should be regarded and these cutoff points are then additionally reflected in household laws of the nation so be imparted to each other the local misfortune in Denmark in Germany and France in 7 different nations in which is this obviously distinguished you could arraign people you could indict anything. Come to a point where the leader of Pakistan government arrange it should take a gander at the likelihood of a worldwide scene for tending to a portion of the worries that Muslim people group is over the world have a Muslim ruled as well as different groups also so if there is cabinetry which has a grievance against mankind it ought to be qualified for utilize that discussion yet that gathering will give a far reaching new prepare stage to maintain a strategic distance from viciousness in light of the fact that in the event that you have a criticism of frequency and that rate to a demonstration of hostility and demonstration of savagery that wasn't produce the entire procedure and in this way I trust this time we should take a gander at these alternatives .
    August 24, 2018