What Do You Need To Do After You Create The Poe Character?

  • The first thing when we enter the Path of Exile is to create a suitable character class. You need a lot of Poe currency when you create a character. So What do you need to do after you create the Poe character?

    You Wake Up On A Sandy Shore

    Starting your adventure on a deserted coastline is most likely the earliest trope in RPG background, and it discovered its way right into the story of Path of Exile. Make certain to discover every inch of that desolate coastline, at least your first time with. It gives a quick intro to combat in Path of Exile, along with some starter equipment for your chosen course.

    Quest Hubs

    Once you've removed the beach, it's on to Lioneye's Watch, which serves as your very first refuge in Wraeclast. You'll return here commonly to start pursuits as well as receive benefits for completed ones. You'll likewise find suppliers who ask for excessively high rates and use a pittance for your treasure.

    Lioneye's Watch is the initial hub, yet it won't be the last you experience on your journeys. Each of the ten acts in Poe's story will certainly begin in a brand-new hub.

    Character Stash

    Your stash is exactly that - a location to keep your loot. It additionally works as public storage space for all of your characters of a particular organization.


    Each center has a waypoint that is turned on upon your arrival. Unlike portal scrolls that produce a temporary teleporter in between your present place and a center, these waypoints are permanent. Some areas likewise have waypoints to discover, everyone including in your fast-travel network.

    To optimize your time as well as making potential, you'll need to strategize effectively and also come close to the game the right way. At the same time, you need a lot of Poe currency.