Path of Exile: Scourge’s balance change

  • Path of Exile: Scourge is getting closer and closer to the official release time. Players are increasingly looking forward to this game. What players can do now is to POE Currency Buy in advance and then eagerly await its arrival.

    For players who know little about Scourge, the details shown in the trailer and the explanations made by GGG are still worthy of scrutiny. GGG shows players will get unprecedented high-value loot rewards and more POE Currency in Scourge. In fact, Scourge adds a lot of different content and some balance changes.

    In the game, the previous flask system has been improved and many other options have been added. For example, different flasks such as spells and skills, and even item modifiers and passive skills, can be used as solutions. The new flask system not only brings more choices but also brings different flask types, modifier levels, and even provides faster treatment by allowing the life flask to heal the same amount in half the time. One way to get these items is to buy POE Currency.

    Game developers are also overhauling the core character defense and recovery system, removing evasion, and strengthening other forms of scalable defense. Equipment such as armor cannot completely resist all damage. Players need to buy POE Currency to upgrade your weapons to make the armor more protective. Armor can’t resist other special damage, so Scourge improves the passiveness in the tree to help achieve this. In addition, aspects such as halo and curse have also been improved to make them more balanced.

    Because GGG will continue to improve the game and strive to meet the needs of players. Players can invest more time, energy and POE Currency to get a better gaming experience with no doubts.